Right of revocation

(1) The Client may revoke purchase agreements for the delivery of goods within one month of receipt of the goods, without giving any reason. Such revocation must be made either in writing, in the form of a digital text or by means of returning the goods to Shane's Restaurant. The return period begins upon receipt of this instruction at the earliest. The date of sending the revocation or goods shall be applicable when determining whether the return period has been upheld. Alternatively, we also provide an electronic Revocation Form, which you will find at Revocation Form.

(2) Upon exercising the right of revocation, the Client undertakes to return the goods or voucher, in as much as the value amounts to EUR 40.00 or more. If the gross price of the delivered goods is less than EUR 40.00, the Client shall bear the cost of their return. The return delivery must be addressed to:

Shane's Restaurant GmbH
Geyerstrasse 52
80469 Muenchen

(3) In the event of a revocation, the Client is also obliged to provide compensation for any loss of value caused by the use of the goods. The Client can prevent such loss of value by only examining the goods as to their usability and condition. Unless otherwise regulated above, the Client shall also be liable for any further deterioration or the destruction of the goods.

(4) The right to revoke the agreement exists irrespective of any claims for defects asserted by the Client pursuant to Article 7 of the GTAC.